July 27, 2014

5 Best Luggage Manufacturers

Here are five luggage manufacturers producing quality suitcases that last the distance.

The best luggage manufacturers in the industry are defined by their expert craftsmanship, innovation and engineering precision, use of high-quality materials and attention to the finer details such as wheels, handles and zippers. Here are five of the biggest brands on the market today that are producing quality suitcases, luggage and travel bags that are durable and hard-wearing but also look stylish and fashionable.


Samsonite was founded over a century ago in 1910. The suitcases were first bought only by a privileged few who could afford to travel and see the world. Today, everyone can enjoy the workmanship of a Samsonite suitcase.  The luggage goes through several tests such as a handle test done 3,500 times and wheel carried for 32 kms in a loaded condition, drop test at 0.9 metres in 12 degrees Celsius and zipper test done 15000 times.


Antler is a British company who has been servicing the needs of travellers all over the world for over 90 years. It prides itself on producing quality, innovative and lightweight luggage with contemporary designs. The suitcase company offers different categories of luggage including casual bags, luggage, cabin luggage and executive luggage.  All Antler products come with a standard ten-year warranty.


With a 30-year history of creating luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories for discerning professionals and frequent travelers, Tumi is recognised as one of the best luggage manufacturers. Product quality and stylish design are the key attributes that have made Tumi into a leading luggage brand with infinite attention to every detail. As well as suitcases, Tumi manufactures small leather goods, executive accessories and watches.


Travelpro boasts that it is the luggage of choice for flight crews and frequent fliers. The suitcase manufacturer has a wide range of luggage styles to suit various needs and tastes from carry-on luggage and backpacks to the Expandable Rollaboard® Luggage range. TravelPro is checkpoint friendly and highly recommended for those who travel frequently or simply wish to obtain space-saving luggage that has minimal bulk.


Rimowa, the German luggage firm founded in 1898 is well-respected for precision manufacturing, expert workmanship and high-quality materials. The result is durable and sturdy luggage that is still lightweight and doesn’t sacrifice function for form.  After-service is also important with an enviable repair service – travelers who are staying at selected top hotels can leave their luggage with the hotel’s reception and have it repaired within 24 hours.

For frequent fliers, buying luggage is an investment. Whether you fly business class or economy, you will still want first class suitcases. You may be tempted to pay less but if you have to keep on replacing it every few years, you’ll end up spending more. And while you may also want to buy a designer bag, you may just be paying for the brand. But if you buy a suitcase from one of the best luggage manufacturers, you can’t really go wrong.